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Microsoft SharePoint offers an integrated location where team members can efficiently collaborate with others, search for experts, find organizational resources and manage the content and workflow and help to make better-informed decisions.

If you are planning to migrate to SharePoint or upgrade to the latest version or want to move to the cloud, we ensure a smooth and cost-effective migration with little end-user disruption or downtime.

Our team of dedicated SharePoint specialist and domain experts is proficient in understanding your specific business needs and can help you with migration services that involve steps that ensure fast and quick upgrades. All our services are completely backed by a proven track record of expertise in SharePoint. And our Microsoft SharePoint migration methodology involves the best industry practices that are a perfect alignment between your business objectives and design implementation performed to meet those objectives.

Our SharePoint Migration and Upgradation Services:

Capability assessment: Our experts do a thorough assessment of your business needs and scale the value of migrating and collaborating to SharePoint.

Reporting: Create reports to conclude the business outcomes of the assessment and prescribe an approach to upgrade to SharePoint

Upgrade plan checklist:  Offer a baseline for designing the deployment plan and the checklist helps in preparations and actions for tasks related to upgrades and post-upgrades.

Upgrade template:  This outlines the tasks and functions of the project that defines SharePoint migration from beginning to end.

Identify the tools to be used: Determine whether the tools used will be readymade or customized data migration tools.

Estimating: Select the key features of each app, type of forms, mapping, views and etc.

Revamp apps:  Make any enhancements if needed based on the feedback from the users.

Choose workflow tools: Select specific tools to attain clarity regarding efforts for business workflows and processes.