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Microsoft’s SharePoint is a platform with capabilities that help to ease various business processes and gain maximum advantage. SharePoint workflow and collaborative solutions give the ability to access information through both formal and informal networks and assist the employees to interact in a creative manner.

Parkdin helps organizations communicate and effectively collaborate with people who share common goals at work. Our workflow solutions adhere to reliable business processes and help our customers to improve efficiency and productivity by managing the steps involved in various business processes.

Our consultants and SharePoint developers have the essential architectural, technical and project management skills that help them to create solutions to mitigate business risks and technical constraints. Our professional experts can help you with every aspect of your collaboration, process automation needs, workflows and content management. Their powerful approach of planning and executing practical mobility strategy helps to reduce time to market and ensures business growth.

At Parkdin, we create enterprise collaboration and workflow solutions by capturing data and understanding business processes and automating it through SharePoint solutions and third party tools.

Our Work Process Involves:

Create a collaborative platform:  We primarily focus on the design of the site, branding, custom development, application integration, governance planning, deployment and support.

Develop strategic solutions: Our developers concentrate on creating customized solutions using SharePoint and for each solution we offer accurate configuration so that it reduces the complexity and maintenance.

Design the best user interface:  We create the best design and implement it that reflects organizational goals. It is our extensive experience in visual designing that we are able to use varied techniques for branding.

Deploy the solution into varied environments: Our SharePoint team then deploys the collaborative and workflow solution in diverse environments that are tested thoroughly.